Updated Author List!

It’s been a little crazy around here, but I wanted to give you all a little updated list of the authors attending next year. You’re welcome!

AD Ellis
AJ Harmon
AJ Lape
Aly Martinez
Amber Nation
Bayli Lane
Brandy L Rivers
CM Michaels
Cristin Harber
D. McEntire
Dawn Pendleton
Elizabeth Sharp
Ember Casey
Eric R Asher
Erika Ashby
H D’Agostino
Heather Marie Adkins
Heather Sunseri
J Laslie
James Crawford
JD Rivera
Jettie Necole
Jordan Deen
Julia Sykes
Kate Roth
Kristine Raymond
Laurel Ulen Curtis
LL Collins
M. Mabie
MJ Fields
NA Alcorn
Nicki Rae
Regina Bartley
Rochelle Paige
Savannah Stewart
Selena Laurence
Seraphina Donavan
SK Logsdon
Stacey Mosteller
T R Lykins
Tawdra Kandle
Terry Maggert
Tessa Teevan
TJ Loveless
Victoria Escobar


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  1. How do I get tickets for the VIP after party?? I need 3 pls and ty

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