March Madness Sale!

Have you not bought your ticket for the Louisville Authors Event? Tickets are on sale now, 33% off!

You can find tickets at Go grab them while they’re on sale!

Also, here is an updated list of the authors signing at LAE this year! I’m so excited!


AD Ellis
AJ Harmon
AJ Lape
Aly Martinez
Atty Eve
Ava Wood
Bayli Lane
Brandy L Rivers
Britni Hill
Catherine Peace
Chelsea Camaron
CM Michaels
Courtney Houston
Cristin Harber
Desiree DeOrto
Donya Lynne
Ember Casey
Emma Shade
Eric R Asher
H D’Agostino
Heather Fleener
Heather Marie Adkins
J Laslie
JA Hensley
James Crawford
Jessie Lane
Jettie Necole
Jill Prand
JM Madden
Jordan Deen
Julia Sykes
Kate Roth
Kristine Raymond
Laramie Briscoe
Laurel Ulen Curtis
LL Collins
M Mabie
Melanie Codina
Melissa Toppen
MJ Fields
Morgan Jane Mitchell
NA Alcorn
Nicki Rae
Sara Celi
Scarlet Wolfe
Seraphina Donavan
Shawn Reilly
Sidonia Rose
SK Logsdon
Stacey Mosteller
Tawdra Kandle
TE Joshua
Teresa Gabelman
Terri Anne Browning
Terry Maggert
TJ Loveless
Tonya Kappes
Toshia Slade
TR Lykins


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